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Hong Kong have now adopted biometric passports. These new passports not only the incorporate new biometric standards but have new added security features Biometric chips encode information and personal details about the passport holder. Biometric information is taken from the supplied passport photo at the time of issue and contains the measurements such as the distance between the eyes, the distance between the ears etc.

The quality of the submitted passport photos has to be of a very good standard for these measurements to be taken. All of our passport photos are taken by professional photographers in a professional studio and conform to all the necessary biometric regulations.

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Nations around the world can, and usually do, change international entry needs. If you get there at the airport with no the required files, you’ll be denied boarding privileges. And, of course, This just isn’t coated by journey insurance policy. At present, more than eighty% of the world’s international locations demand a valid passport for entrance. It really is important to verify the overseas entry requirements for the region you prepare to check out as early as achievable.

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You should use a new passport at the very least ninety times before your departure date. For a renewal, start the approach eight to eleven months just before your passport expires. Why so early? Numerous international locations need that your passport have 6 to 8 months of validity remaining before they will problem a visa.

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