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Buy a real Singapore passport made 100% authentic like the original document. Biometric model released in 2020. Valid for 10 years (from 24 years) or 6 years for younger people. The passport is available in 32 pages (regular) or 48 pages (at an additional cost of 100 USD) for additional visa pages. Buy Singapore Passport Online

Singapore passports are issued to nationals of Singapore for international travel. A Singapore passport is the only other officially recognised document that the Singapore authorities routinely accept as proof of identity for Singapore citizens, alongside the Singapore identity card and the “travel document as a passport substitute”. They not only serve as proof of identity and presumption of Singapore citizenship, but also make it easier to secure support from Singapore consular officers abroad (or other members if a Singapore consular institution if missing). Buy Singapore Passport Online

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The Singaporean passport is a travel document issued by our dedicated team. It is issued by our Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. Not only Singaporean citizens can apply for this passport but anyone in or out of Singapore. Buy Singapore Passport Online

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All Singapore passport issued from 15 Aug 2006 will be biometrically-enabled (BioPass).

Singaporeans holding the current non-biometric machine-readable passports may wish to apply for the new BioPass to enjoy visa-free travel to the United States of America (USA) under the US Visa Waiver Programme. Buy Singapore Passport Online

The new BioPass is valid for 5 years. If your existing passport carries a remaining validity of 9 months or less, the remaining validity of your passport will be carried over to your new passport. In such a case, your new passport will have a validity period of 5 years, plus the remaining validity of your old passport. However, if your existing passport has more than 9 months’ validity, your new passport will have a validity period of 5 years and 9 months. Buy Singapore Passport Online


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